Posted by Allan Baedak on Feb 22, 2014
From the moment I woke up that morning, I felt an incredible energy that continued to build to near overwhelming levels. I felt it wash over me like a tidal wave as I stood in the middle of the road as graduates marched, danced and sang all around me as we made our way to a church in Gorjet for the ceremony. With over 2,000 people in attendance, there wasn’t an inch of space in or around that building as friends, family, and graduates gathered to celebrate.
The literacy program is combined with training in agriculture best practices, conflict resolution and other programs to help individuals and community from the ground up. The program is delivered by, who have been building capacity in Haitian communities since 1984. Working closely with the Haitian community, the program leverages local expertise to help the community work independently and together in business. Literacy was not the original goal but became one of the foundations of the program. 
The way individuals feel about themselves and how they relate to one another has given this community a sense of hope and a glimpse of a far more empowered future.
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