Youth Adventures in Leadership - YAIL - 2016

What is YAIL?  Rotary's Youth Adventures in Leadership program is open to participants in the 10th and 11th grades (ages 15 - 17) and was held the weekend of January 23rd at Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach, Surrey, BC. 

YAIL gives participants insight into some of the basics of what it means, and takes, to be a leader: to help participants become well-rounded individuals with increased perspective and enthusiasm for growth, and who are able to make informed decisions.

YAIL teaches participants through a variety of exercises involving leadership and growth - to empower students to network, plan, and set goals. Participants are divided into groups with an experienced youth facilitator. 

The program is led by youth, with guidance from adult Rotarians. Candidates are selected and sponsored by a local Rotary Club, with a mix of males & females, Canadians & Americans.