Theme for the year
Reach Within and Embrace Humanity.
Knowing that we can accomplish great things together using our expertise, our connections, our time and the money we raise as a club.
1.    Building a strong and healthy community
  • More significant and meaningful projects
  • Profile
    • Increase community awareness of our Club 
    • Better signage in community
    • Seek out bricks and mortar project to raise profile
  • Seek out more hands on projects to help community and also build stronger relationships among members
  • Engage Interact and Rotaract groups wherever possible.

2.    Achieving Excellence
  • Excellence in every avenue of service
    • New Generations- 5th avenue of service – focus on youth
    • Increased Club and individual member support for TRF (Rotary Foundation)
3.    Focus on Member Development
  • Engage each member and find their passion
  • Identify and use members strengths to help move club efforts forward
  • Structured plan for building personal relationships within our Club
    • Look at a social event that the entire club would want to attend
    • Formal plan to get to know each other beyond This is My Life
4.    Succession Plan in place for club leaders
  • Treasurer – roster of 3 members to rotate through the position
  • Golf  leaders to  have understudies
  • Understudies for all Executive/ Director  positions

5.    Fundraising beyond Golf and Wine & Dine
There is interest in looking at other fundraising opportunities as long as we have measures in place to ensure that additional opportunities do not put extra pressure on club members. Small fundraisers or partnerships might be a way to approach any further fundraising.
  • Investigate partnership with another organization for a Youth Community Recognition.
  • Penninsula Club project
    • Investigate the potential of a multi- club project for the peninsula Rotary Clubs using funds in the existing  local foundation (Jim Follows)
    • As a second option, investigate the return of the funds to our Club and identify appropriate project for funds.
6.    Upgrade and enhance the Club website                                     
  • Enhanced communication, ease of navigation, e- commerce functionality of our site
  • Explore the option of by moving to higher level of Club Runner
  • Keep the website up to date as first contact for potential members