Jeff Wong – proprietor of Swirl Wine Stores – one of his initiatives is the Shine the Light Foundation and where 50% of the proceeds go from Sip & Savour. He is a chair for Sip & Savour and one of the Directors of the Shine the Light Foundation.
Shine the Light Foundation was started by Jeff's brother, a dentist in Winnipeg, who has been conducting dental clinics as well as bring doctors and nurses for medical clinics to the poor of the Dominican Republic for over 15 years.  

They have some excellent training programs that they are running, from teaching English to motorbike mechanics. They also partner with local families to build homes so they are building home with them and not for them. Makes a big difference in accountability and ownership.
They decided to start their own foundation when they became disillusioned with the way some of other organizations operated and felt they could better manage, control and provide more efficiency and better results with their own initiative.