Rotary Exchange Student Costanza Testino Returns
In 1999, a 17-year old girl from Rome, Italy arrived in South Surrey as our inbound Rotary Exchange Student. Seventeen years later ...

Costanza Returns!

Exchange student host "mom" Lori Chalmers and Costanza Testino.
Costanza's story is at once a familiar Rotary Echange Student tale, but at the same time, highly unusual. Most students arrive in their host communities, go to school, stay with 3 to 4 host families, learn a new language and culture and return home all the better for the experience of a lifetime. Costanza went one step further. Her experience was so life changing that after returning to Rome, Italy and completing her undergraduate degree in university she obtained a work visa and with boyfriend in tow, she came back to her "old" new home.
Six years later she and her now husband, Stefano, are Permanent Residents of Canada and working on their Canadian citizenship. She is working as the Manager of Grants for the Pacific Salmon Foundation, who sponsored her immigration application, and Stefano is the Sales and Marketing Manager for a Richmond-based company. They are expecting their first child this year who, as Costanza says, "will become a Canadian citizen before her parents."