ACCOUNT# 604 535 1488 (for the printed labels)
The Recycling Fundraising Project is a new and easy way to raise funds for the club.
Collect all your returnable containers that provide for a refund.  Put them in a clear plastic bag and take them to an Express Return-It depot for credit.
The recycling depots are part of Encorp Pacific (Canada) who are a federally incorporated, not-for-profit stewardship corporation with beverage management as their core business.
The organization is known across B.C. as Express Return-It.
Please sign onto  where you can see exactly what products can be returned for credit.  The return-it website will detail the type of product, and the refund amount for each container depending on its’ size.  (*No U.S. products will be credited for refund.)
The process to follow along with important tips are:
  • collect your returnable containers in either a clear plastic bag or a clear blue plastic bag
  • try and place only a maximum of 12 glass returnables in each bag (it becomes heavy for staff and causes breakage)
  • leave all caps and labels on the containers
  • take your bags to an express return-it depot (locations are identified on the website)
  • print off a label from the machine at the depot and stick onto the outside of each bag. The code to use is 604 535 1488
  • you can print off additional labels at the depot to take home for subsequent use or you can also order labels online
  • leave your bags in the appropriate location at the depot and they will be counted by staff
  • There is a limit of 6 bags to be taken in at any given time
Barry Middler will manage the transactions.  Barry will request a cheque from Express Return-It when there is a worthy amount and forward the cheque to Treasurer Doug Waymark.
All funds will be deposited to Semiahmoo Rotary Club and dispersed accordingly by the Board of Directors.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to
Thank you for your participation.