An interview with Past President Patty Burt (2020-21)

Patty, this past year has been “abnormal” for our Club in that we continued to have to meet virtually. While you carried on with the processes implemented under President Ray Paquet, what did you find to be the greatest challenges in your year as President? As an extrovert/Type A personality, I excel at in-person event’s so it was tough being in a 2D world. But as I told members from the start, I was the right person for these times as I am adaptable. Overall, my main concern was trying to keep those existing connections and foster new ones.
In the face of so many challenges, looking back on your year, what are you personally most proud of? How this club rose to face those challenges!!! Coming out of the starting block fast in identifying: where, what, when and how we could raise funds for our existing projects and newly emerging needs in our backyard.
As you look back over the past 12 months, what do think the Club can be proud of achieving? Too many things to list!!! But I really liked how versatile we were, when presented with a road block or an issue, we just found ways to go over, around or under them.
The Club recorded an official attendance record of 75% over this past year. In a year of no face-to-face meetings, what factors do you think contributed to this excellent attendance? To be honest….it’s not that hard to roll out of bed, turn on your computer and click the Zoom link. And with not much else on the go, people were ‘present’ and available to get to meetings, even if it was sometimes from their cars, workplace or ski hill. And looking for that core sense of fellowship in whatever form.
And, when we look back, if I am to be remembered as being President for 100% of that time during COVID - I am totally OK with that!!!