Committee Reports
Meeting started at 7:15
O Canada
Ana Marie inducted – champagne on all the tables – warm welcome to her – and a toast with breakfast
Scott E won 
Queen of hearts goes to no one again – there is only like a couple of cards left
A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday won sung
A special thanks to Janine for the fabulous food!!
Second reading from Sherry – why she joined. –loves special events and community service
Kathy – from community service – Sandy W spoke to Atira House, Durrant, Surrey Memorial, Hospice Fort, Growing by the Sea Garden Boxes, fundraiser for Cancer Drivers
Greg – International – Haiti, Shanti Uganda (she is speaking Sept 28 about the birthing house), wheel chair delivery to Hermasio, Allan – or hurricane Irma in Haita,  much going on – they meet 3rd Wednesday at the Roadhouse 
Allan – Public Image – spoke to Literacy – this year focus – stories on website, on facebook, 
Networking & Fellowship – we now have 5 libraries, Barry has this project well in hand, is looking for a location for a new library, working on membership plus, use of club runner, social tomorrow night at crescent beach legion, Blue Frog social coming up, hands on social project coming up, Vasi reporting on what is going on in other clubs nationally and internationally.
Membership committee – Janine-how to do makeups and how to keep your attendance- Charlotte spoke to how better track our hours and make ups.
Sept 23 Rotary Leadership Course down in Mount Vernon and the Canadian one is in the spring in March  – mark your makeups down on the sheet or let Charlotte know
Youth Services – Sharon – budget $15000 – Sassy, YAIL, RYLA, two scholarships at Elgin Park,
Adventures in Citzenship, hope to start an interact club at Elgin, Democracy in Action, Kwantlen scholarships, 
Sgts at Arms – Linda – members donate a gift with a value of $25 – they need to raise $6000-$7000 per year, collect the socks and underwear in Oct, collecting volunteer hours, auctioned off 5 bottles of beer
Foundation - Stuart K – spoke to giving to Foundation – this year goal is $15000 (US) November is Foundation Month – Paul Harris dinner is Nov 16 – no morning meeting, Polio Plus - $3000 goal, 
Fundraising committee – Jim P – golf committee - $60000 raised last year – looking to do the same this year, 
Wine and Dine - $15000 comes to the club – two on the committee so people will be voluntold
Mary spoke to Sassy – break even goal, raising sponsorship Monday Sept 25 meeting, 2nd week in May, working on a gaming grant, 
Sip N Savour – Oct 21 7-10 at White Rock Community Centre – looking for volunteers, Charlotte is selling tickets, 
adjourned 8:35
Sep 28, 2017
Shanti Uganada Update
Oct 05, 2017
Fish and Fences Program
Oct 12, 2017
Child Development Foundation
Oct 19, 2017
Preventing Trash from Reaching our Oceans
Oct 26, 2017
Write to Read
Nov 23, 2017
Literacy Bus
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