Rotary Notes March 22ish
7:15 meeting opened with somber rendition of O’Canada
Ozzie – why Rotary and Meditative Moment
The five regrets of dying – bronny ware
Sgt Larry draw for 50/50 and I missed it worrying about table stacked
Queen of hearts drawn by Maureen for $350 but she drew the 2 of hearts
New members event end of May – see Stan for tickets
Lots of happy bucks
Committee sharing – International  - Greg V reported – lots of exciting things going on. Meet every third Wednesday at Roadhouse for breakfast
Jamie M and Barry M  spoke on fellowship and networking/vocational
Darren at Youth Services and Sharon spoke to Ryla – everyone invited for a visit
Ray P – spoke to community services – rotary youth day to coincide with earth day – April 22 hosting a fish release 11:30-12:00 – volunteers come at 9am
Mary spoke about upcoming Sassy meeting
John Block – now at 350000 in cards sold - $46000 raised for food bank – 
Mike Reddington – new make up book
Wine and dine – 170 tickets left to be sold – can be purchased on line – food sensitivities  – will need to be clarified and specific
Kathy Thornton included a report on committee progress. 
Jul 13, 2017
Hospice in Bangkok
Jul 20, 2017
The Store!!!
Jul 27, 2017
Paul Harris Presentation
Aug 03, 2017
Canuck House
Aug 10, 2017
Nova Scotia Colors Festival
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Rotary Club of White Rock: Tuesday at 12:00 PM,
Ricky's Country Restaurant, 2160 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

Rotary Club of South Surrey: Wednesday at 7:00 AM,
Pacific Inn & Convention Centre, 1160 King George Highway, Surrey, BC

Rotary Club of White Rock Peace Arch: Monday at 12:00 PM,
Hazelmere Golf & Country Club, Surrey, BC

Rotary Club of White Rock Peninsula: Tuesday 6:30 PM,
Pacific Inn & Convention Centre, 1160 King George Highway, Surrey, BC
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