I was born in Europe and returned to my parents’ homeland of South Africa where I grew up until the age of 10. We then moved to Toronto and I lived with them until high school. I enrolled in a boarding school in Upstate New York in January of 1997, where I both completed my high school diploma and began my journey as a cook in the large dining kitchen on campus. Shortly after beginning my tenure there, I was assigned the position of Kitchen Leader. I guided the daily operations of meal prep, dining room set-up, meal service and became the assistant to the Chef.
Once I graduated, I road-tripped out West and planted roots in greater Vancouver. I attempted other careers throughout my early to mid-twenties at the same time as attending university, all whilst still dabbling in restaurant work on and off.
After having my daughter at age 27, I returned to the kitchen full-time and decided to pursue my Red Seal in Professional Cooking. I began seeking greater opportunities to become more proficient in my chosen career as a Professional Cook, and am very privileged to have worked for several well-respected restaurants over the last 8 years here in the Lower Mainland.
My food philosophy is this: Quality, simplicity and as much as can be procured directly from the farm, field or ocean. Starting with high caliber ingredients, and keeping recipes elemental and fresh, the resulting dishes and flavours speak for themselves. As the Chef, I enjoy the fast-paced intensity of kitchen work as well as the business and organizational side of restaurant management, and love to meet new and interesting people as I go.
At Ronnie G’s, I make it my focus to connect food and people in a way that links their own memories of the past with new gastronomic experiences. We emphasize personal and attentive service, customer satisfaction and strive to offer the Community of White Rock a comfortable, classy and affordable place to bring friends and loved ones for any occasion!
Skye Van Schetsen
Executive Chef
For more information visit: ronniegs.com