Rotary Notes April 27, 2017
7:15 call to order
O Canada
Mary opened with a “welcome spring”.
Welcome Guests.
Why Rotary done by Darren M. Darren shared some great stories about Rotary and how it has impacted him on both a professional level and personal level. The three take aways are he was humbled by Rotary generosity at his “hazing” where he was challenged to do push ups, memorable moment number two is when Sandy W offered to help build his fence with his son and Rotary’s “pay it forward” attitude and third memorable moment is when Lori stood in her own truth and integrity and was swayed by other opinions. All moments that combined to shape him in some way. Not very memorable for the individuals involved but very impactful and memorable for the recipient. 
Sgt Larry started with Happy Birthday to Scott E and anniversaries. Happy dollars – fund raiser for the fire victims above Cosmos – May 9 – can Rotary spare any volunteers to help out. Tracy will send the information to Victoria to send out. 
Happy dollars. Cliff looking for a student grade 11 or 12 for summer student with the Chamber. Ray P updated on salmon release.
50/50 $35 Gord drew the jack of diamonds for the queen of hearts.
Gord N and Larry O received Paul Harris fellowes.
Street clean this Saturday – 32 and King George Hwy meet – Doug will send out info.
Pancake breakfast $15 for tickets see Janine both for tickets and volunteering.
Sassy Awards are Friday night May 12.
May 30 newbies event – Stan C 28 tickets sold to Township 7.
Friends of Sassy – Charlotte – please help out if you can.
Jeff H introduced Rick speaking on “Growing by the Sea” a Society that has space by the horseshoe pits. We have offered the club services to provide sweat equity for the on-going projects.
Rick spoke to the Surrey/White Rock Food Action Coalition.
Thanks to John B and Ozzie for all their work with the good cards program and Mary announced that all 5 clubs are now supporting this program. Changemakers!!
Sep 21, 2017
The Center for Epilepsy
Sep 28, 2017
Shanti Uganada Update
Oct 05, 2017
Fish and Fences Program
Oct 12, 2017
Child Development Foundation
Oct 19, 2017
Preventing Trash from Reaching our Oceans
Oct 26, 2017
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Rotary Club of White Rock: Tuesday at 12:00 PM,
Ricky's Country Restaurant, 2160 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

Rotary Club of South Surrey: Wednesday at 7:00 AM,
Pacific Inn & Convention Centre, 1160 King George Highway, Surrey, BC

Rotary Club of White Rock Peace Arch: Monday at 12:00 PM,
Hazelmere Golf & Country Club, Surrey, BC

Rotary Club of White Rock Peninsula: Tuesday 6:30 PM,
Pacific Inn & Convention Centre, 1160 King George Highway, Surrey, BC
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